Turnout boots

Keep your horse's legs away from soil bacteria with our range of turnout boots, also known as mud socks as the name implies use in muddy conditions our range from Shires and LeMieux also keep the legs clean, so no more hosing down when being brought in.

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Turnout boots is the term used to describe a horse leg protection boot used in the field. They are also known as mud socks as they are useful during wet muddy conditions which are designed to form a barrier around the horse's leg.

These boots can prevent mud and bacteria in the soil coming in to contact with the skin. Mud fever can also be treated with a range of barrier creams and ointments from our Mud Fever section. The turnout boot is shaped to contour the horse's leg being close-fitting around the fetlock to stop the boot slipping down, with velcro straps further up the leg which creates a snug fit. Often made with antibacterial neoprene it helps protect against all those bumps and knocks out in the field, soft linings prevent rubbing and keep the legs cool to prevent overheating. Alternatively, many users turn out using brushing boots and overreach boots.

Adding to your winter turnout wardrobe could be a good fitting turnout rug which comes in a range of weights from lightweight turnout up to heavyweight turnouts and with or without a hood, changing to a fly rug through the summer months.

Other turnout boots come in a fly boot for horses, this is a summer boot to prevent flies and other biting insects biting the lower leg which can cause irritation and often seen when a horse stamps its leg on the ground, Fly sprays can be applied for day-long fly relief when horses are turned out, see our range of fly prevention.